'Change Date' suddenly not working properly

What I did:

  • create a note
  • select Note -> Change Date
  • select today’s date

What happened:
When new notes are created, their date is automatically set as ‘today’. So by changing date to today shouldn’t change anything.

What I expected:
Even if the date should not change, the title should change. From untitled to whatever date I set. This used to work since I used Agenda until a few days ago. Automatically changing note title to set date still works as long as I don’t choose today’s date. For example if I choose to change date to yesterday, the note title would automatically change to 3 Oct 2019. From there if I change date again to today, the title does change to 4 Oct 2019. It only doesn’ work when trying to change date to today when the note’s title is still empty.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenday ver 7.0, Mac OS 10.14.6, 2019 Macbook Pro 15 inch

Hmm, odd, we’ll investigate to see what is going on, thanks for reporting.

Update: We had a look at the report and believe that the behaviour is basically as it should when it comes to setting the date, however we have fixed the issue that we believe is causing the hassle to begin with. In the v9 update when you have “Assign Today to New Notes” option enabled in the preferences, new notes will automatically get the title set to the date of today (you can still change it to something else of course), this should prevent you from having to do the “assign today” dance to get the right title.