Change colour of notes/fonts

Apologies if this is repeating a request already made. I’d like Agenda to offer the function of allowing you to make some notes a different colour, even if only one other colour is offered (e.g. making this like a ‘style’). My use case, I often set up a note with a set of questions to ask in a meeting. In the meeting I add notes to each question (the answers). I’d like to be able to easily visually discrimiate the question notes from the answer notes - otherwise everything becomes a blur of the same colour text. Just one way to quickly visually discriminate would be amazing (I don’t want to use bold or italic, as I use these for other purposes).

Consider my request made! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for listening,


Hi Stu,
Colored highlighting, and possibly colored text, is something high on our list. Thanks for the feedback!

In the meantime, perhaps you can use heading styles, bold or italic to delineate the question.

I am assuming you are putting the questions and answers in a single note, correct? Unless the answers are very long, having a separate note for each one would probably be overkill.

Kind regards,


Coloured text - yes! Yes please! :heart: