Change app icon based on accent color

There are some apps that change their app-icon based on in-app settings so that then you see the app differently in your home screen. Now, if you could do this with this app based on the color preferences we can already set that would be amazing.


Are you sure there are apps that do that? I am pretty sure that can’t be done. Can you give an example?

I think he’s referring to Bear app and iA Writer. You can set a theme in Bear’s preferences and have the icon follow the theme colour. With iA Writer you can just select the icon to follow the dark mode.

Moleskines Actions and Agenda apps can do this trick as well. Quite cool indeed.

Do you mean on macOS or iOS? Or both?

I was referring to IOS but that would be cool on Mac too even if I’m not sure that can be done on mac while I am sure for the IOS part as guys said

Please take a look at this again, a blue icon that matches files, safari and mail app icons would be a blissing. And would move agenda from a file on my springboard to my dock!!

Please give feedback on this idea, it would be so good

I’m afraid it’s not something we are considering at the moment, sorry.