Certain repeated “divider” symbols disappearing

What I did:

  1. Within a note, create a long line of “~” or “_” symbols on their own line (to mimic a horizontal divider)
  2. Press Return at the end of the line

What happened:

  • The divider line shortens by a significant amount (i.e. >50% of the symbols disappear
  • Symbol disappearance continues to get triggered by certain text navigations nearby the line (e.g. pressing Return while on the next line down)
  • Disappearance seems to stop once the line of symbols shrinks to around 4

What I expected:

  • The line of symbols should remain unaffected, as typed

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • This is repeatable on Agenda Mac v5.5, as well as iOS v5.5 on both iPad and iPhone
  • Not all symbols trigger this behavior (e.g., “-“ and “.” seem unaffected)

I think what you are seeing there is the markdown substitutions. A ~ with some text and followed by another ~ means “strikethrough”. Underscore means “italic”. I guess we could see if we could make it so that it ignores them when there is no text in-between. Will see what we can do.

Thanks for reporting this.

I have fixed this in our development version. Will be in next release.

Thanks for reporting this.

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Awesomely quick turnaround, thanks Drew!

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