Category Notes

Is there a way to have to category note that I’m not seeing, or haven’t figured out yet? I would like to add just a little note that applies to all the projects within a category, without creating a new project.

Just for clarity, I do have premium and use on both macOS and iOS. I’ve looked through several posts on the community forums and haven’t quite seen any answers for what I’m looking for here either.

Is this a possible or already existing option?

In Agenda, notes always have to go into a project. What I would suggest is that where you need a note in a category, just put an extra project in there called “Category Notes” or something. And put your category notes in that.

Doesn’t quite serve the purpose I’m needing it for…would be convenient to be able to have notes not specifically attached to projects…

How would you see those notes though? My guess is we would end up just adding some sort of pretend project at the top of the category, so the solution would end up being pretty much the same.

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