Category Level Agenda's

It would be terrific to help with organization of agenda’s if the different categories could be clicked on to see the “On the Agenda” items from just that category. As a use, it would help me to focus on just one area, e.g. Work category, when I’m at work and not be distracted by Home items or others.

You can do this already by clicking the loupe icon in the top right, followed by the on the agenda filter. Now if you switch between projects it only shows the On the Agenda items:


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That’s cool to know, but you can’t view an entire category at once. I too would really like a way to see “On The Agenda” just for one category. I’d also like quick access to this in the sidebar.

My use-case here is I have a category for Home, and a separate category for Work. When I’m at Work, I want to see just agenda items that relate to Work. What makes this even worse for the current On The Agenda behavior is it alphabetizes by category, so my Work agenda items always show up at the bottom.

I’d be happy if selecting On The Agenda simply had a way to filter to specific categories, especially if it would remember the last-used filter. I don’t need separate sidebar entries for each category as I look at my Work agenda every day but rarely look at my Home agenda. Being able to select the category to get this would be acceptable as well, but not ideal.

Another idea would be, if I collaped a category in the sidebar, to hide it from On The Agenda. This actually appeals to me a lot, both because it means not having to design or learn any new UI widgets, and also because it just makes sense that hiding a category from the sidebar would also hide it from the overview. This should of course affect Today as well. Both of these views should probably have a tiny header telling me it’s hiding items from collapsed categories (if in fact it is; if the collapsed categories don’t contain any agenda / today items then that can be skipped).

Yet another approach would be to add a way to search a single category (e.g. special syntax in the search field, or a category selector) that I can use in Search All. To be honest, if I could search just my Work category, and check the “on the agenda” button, thus showing me just agenda items from Work, the ability to save that to Overview alone (which you already have) would justify paying for Premium.

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More powerful search features including ways to limit the scope of the search to a certain project or category are indeed something we’d like to add.

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