Categorising notes - idea for upcoming search improvements

I’ve been doing a big tidy up of my notes, including getting more rigourous in how I use On the Agenda.

Essentially, I’m now using:

  • OTA to identify notes that I’m planning to actively work on this week.
  • DONE to identify notes that are completed and finished with

However, NOT DONE is a bit ambiguous, currently I’m using it for:

  • notes I will work on at some point, and
  • notes that are reference notes - these will never be completed.

I want to use a saved overview of ’NOT DONE’ notes to show me all the notes I want to work on at some point - but currently it includes reference notes, which in this context are just clutter.

I’d love to be able to identify reference notes using the OTA menu or some other way, and then be able to EXCLUDE them from a search.

Edit: on reflection, notes that are not reference notes will include at least one unticked check box. So being able to search for notes with unticked check boxes AND ‘not done’ would also give me the overview I’m missing.

I believe this will be possible with the new search. Do you know @mekentosj?

This search will be possible. Other ways to identify reference notes might also work. like giving them a background color or in case they’re pinned notes you could also filter those in Agenda 19

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