Categories - Projects - Alpabetical Order

What I did:
Created a Category Energy
Created number of Projects IE Solar & Wind under Energy

Then, created a Renewables Under Energy to incorpate a new Project Storage, + Solar and Wind

What happened:
The Renewables Project went into Trends, a Project under Energy

What I expected:
Renewables to be a Project under Energy, not inside
Trends. It ended there b/c I am unable to put projects in Alphabetical order in the Energy Category

In previous discussions I was told sub categories aren’t a thing in Agenda. Well, I believe they are because they make more sense than Category as the Top Level and Project as the ‘sub category’ .

My Renewables Project is an aboslute mess organizationally. How do I fix it?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Everything with an icon in front of the name is a project, these show notes when clicked on, in your case Storage and Solar are projects.

Everything without an icon and a gray instead of black name is a category. When clicked they only show the expand/collapse hint and the three dots with options. In your case “Renewables” is a category.

The issue is that it’s (for technical reasons) hard to discriminate between whether you want to reorder categories, or whether you want to move a category into another (making it a subcategory), especially when the categories are collapsed, which you seem to do by default.

So the trick is that if you like to reorder projects or subcategories, you need to make sure they are all in the expanded state, that makes it much easier to correctly reorder them (otherwise they almost always default to moving).

Thanks, this will take further study.
Right now my Agenda archive is a mess.
That needs to change, obviously.

Best Regards

Bruce Winter