Capture URL like attachment

Hi all!

I really like the inline display of attachments (sort of like tags) as a way of drawing attention to “referenced stuff”, so I was trying to work out how I might try and capture a URL as an attachment.

I thought about just tagging links, but then I would litter the tag manager with all kinds of single-use tags, so that doesn’t seem appropriate, which is why I started thinking about attachments.

This draft Shortcut doesn’t seem to quite work - the “attachment” (a Base64 encoded URL) doesn’t open on tap, and the attachment insists on appearing on its own line.

I feel like I’m close, though. What am I missing?



Not sure if this will work in the end, perhaps only if you’d make it a webloc attachment. The attachment indeed insists on appearing on its own line, did you tell it to be in “inline” display style? I think technically any callback will always result in a separate line simply due to the fact that it doesn’t involve the current textview but is done at the model level.