Capture data from Google sheet

I am wondering if there’s a chance to import/link/iframe from google sheet
That way content at Agenda can be more live and up to date

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Not sure if that would be trivial to do. You can of course paste Google Doc/Sheet URLs into your notes, but I see you’d like to have a preview.

(Sorry for super late reply)
Yes this is what’s I’m looking for
Can either have a preview or only capture particular table from sheet to lively display at agenda notes

I found your question when I was looking for the same.
I saw in the listed release notes this ‘ * Tables pasted from Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc. are now converted to tables. Pasted lists are now maintained as well, as are attributes from pasted HTML’

Yet I tried to and it didn’t convert to a table. I tried to load a screenshot but don’t see anyway to do so, even tried to paste :woman_shrugging:

If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Are you on version 16.1 for Mac?