Capitalization of second letter after backspacing & autocorrect

I’ve noticed where the second letter of some words like to capitalize themselves after the capitalized word is backspaced or autocorrected. For instance, I’ll type “Davdi”, which I will backspace to the D or will autocorrect (correctly) to “David”. If I continue type from the D, the first letter after it is capitalized, so I end up with “DAvid”. It’s not a world-ending bug, but just weird.

Unfortunately this is an issue inherent to editing in iOS, not something we control ourselves alas.

That is a weird, weird issue.

Hi David,

Any chance you could make a screenrecording of the issue and email it to

Almost posted the same bug, it’s still present :frowning:

Not to be argumentative, but these Capitalization issues do not appear for me in any other iPadOS app I have installed. And they manifest in either 2018 iPad or iPad Pro (OS 13 Public Beta’s) but NOT with iPhone still on iOS12.14! I have submitted anomaly in FeedBack app to Apple, but if you can produce the same issue on your end as Developers it might avoid issues with the Gold release this fall. Just saying.

I’ve also sent a video grab by personal email.

Odd, I’m experiencing it in WhatsApp for example as well, even in iOS12.

“Good”, I was beginning to think it was only me! Thanks!

Any resolution to this issue coming in a Beta?

If it is in the beta OS, it may be out of our control. I am planning to go through a bunch of text editor issues this week to see what can be improved for iOS 13.

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