Capability to hide portion of a note for sharing purposes

As part of my process and part of my “meeting prep” I start a section called “pre-notes” to ensure I have the necessary facts, stakeholders analysis, RACI matrix, etc. (Not to be shared.)

At completion of the meeting, I share my portions of the meetings notes (NOT my pre-notes) using @heyscottyj meeting processing shortcut which sends the notes to participants via email, prior to this I have to remove the pre-notes section from the email.

Any possible way to hide parts of a note? To allow the rest of the note to be shared?

I realize one workaround is to have two notes to a meeting (pre-note, actual notes) but that will get crowded pretty soon as I keep all my meetings in a single category called Meetings.

I also understand there is a new feature to hide a note, but that is not what I’m requesting.

Hoping the rest of the community find this feature useful.


If I understand this correctly…
I actually use 2 categories to organise the notes in a similar way. These notes are linked to each other. Alternatively, in a category, the footnote may also be a solution.

Perhaps start as 2 notes and “merge” after emailing?

Roms, I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll give that a try, appreciate the feedback.

Thanks BruceN, I’ll give that a try as well, I think either option may work for me.

Just trying to understand this: when you say “share”, do you mean you collaborate on the note, seeing each others edits? Or do you mean you just want to email the note over?

We have some interesting stuff coming in Agenda 20 which will allow collapsing of sections in notes. We may make it possible to export/print just the visible content. Perhaps that would be a way for you to make a PDF, for example, without the sensitive material, and email that. Would that satisfy you for this?

Hi Drew,

When I stated “share”, I meant exporting in markdown to email the note to attendants, minus any pre-notes I have in preparation for the meeting. Having a PDF option sounds like it may be a way to handle it.

In case you missed it, on the Mac you can select some text, and choose Copy As > Markdown to just get that part of the note. Perhaps that helps too for now.