Can't use iCloud due to work restrictions

I was really getting into using Agenda. Then my company locked down our environments and issued me first with a Windows machine, thankfully for only a short while. I am now on a company issued MacBook Pro. It is a beast (16" i9 intel) but the company blocks access to iCloud. So now I can’t get to Agenda and am having to switch back to alternatives. Currently Evernote seems the best option.

That’s a shame to hear, the other sync option we offer is through Dropbox, not sure if that would be an option for you?

Same thing happened to me. iCloud and Dropbox are now blocked. “We are a Google Campus.”

Calendar and Apple Notes syncing still work. I wonder if there’s some way that those could be used with Agenda notes?

They must be blocking the iCloud ports. Calendar and Apple Notes probably use custom servers and services, so they probably missed those.

We have no way to sync via those private mechanisms though. We will see if we can add a Google sync option in future.