Can't paste raw links when using markdown link format

What I did:
Created a link with the [text](http://.....) format, for the link part of it I pasted a long Google Sheets address)

What happened:
Agenda ‘simplified’ the link ending leaving me with 'Google Docs Spreadsheet(xxxxxxx) and left the [text] part exactly as I’d typed it

What I expected:
Being able to paste the address in raw without Agenda trying to tidy it up so that when creating a link with the markdown format I don’t have to type out the address by hand.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
MacOS 2.2.1 MAS version

You can prevent the shortening of links by enclosing it in backticks (`) or choosing the fixed width inline style. Alternatively, note that while the link is displayed in short, the full url is preserved. You can control/right click and select Copy Link to get the full url back on the pasteboard.

Thanks for the reply Alexander… sorry but what you couldn’t see in my original post as I hadn’t used backticks was that I was trying to use the markdown link format (it displayed as a link in the post). Backticks work when typing in a URL but don’t appear to if pasting one (a Google Sheets URL is long so not something I want to be typing).
So basically, I’d like to be able to use the markdown format of adding a link so I can specify the title but with a URL I’ve pasted in rather than having to type it, hope that’s a bit clearer.

Strange, because this should work. Does it help if you first type [text]() and then paste in the link between the brackets?

Didn’t appear to… after a few weeks with Agenda I’ve realised it’s not really for me anyway so don’t worry too much about it. Good luck with it tho!