Can't paste Agenda links in Evernote

I wanted to insert into an Evernote note a link to an Agenda note.
So I copied the link to the Agenda note using the cog wheel menu, then pasted the link into an Evernote window. Only the title of the Agenda note was pasted, without link.
I next tried to add the link to that pasted text manually, but Evernote refused my agenda:// link (see screenshot).

Capture d’écran 2021-06-21 à 12.38.30

I’m guessing this has more to do with Evernote than with Agenda, and there’s not much you can do to make this work. But I figured it might be useful to let you know about it. I’ll try to report the problem to Evernote.

Yes, you will need to ask the Evernote support people to add support for the Agenda URL schemes (agenda://), nothing we can do on our end I’m afraid.

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We do have something that might help with this. You can access Agenda via a web redirect. So instead of what you typed, try this:

(update link to have your note id)

This will redirect back to your Agenda app.

Ha! That worked. Nice, thanks!

FWIW, it is now possible to paste Agenda URLs directly in Evernote Mac 10.21.5. Clicking the link (on the Mac) will take you to the right place in Agenda.

Unfortunately, the same links are not active on iOS (tapping them does nothing).

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