Can't open the agenda app on my Mac

What I did:

What happened:
It would not open, directed to open on the web. Could not access the community icon top right corner.

What I expected:
The app to open without going to the web

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
OSX Catlina MacBook Pro 2013. Late
Created a movie but the file is too big.
Picture will have to do

Sorry about that. It looks like some issue in the browser.

Does restarting Agenda fix the issue? What about if you go to directly in Safari?

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Deleted the and reinstalled the app. Still can’t access the community from the App. Error messages says the browser isn’t compatible.

Not using a browser trying to use the app. When I use Safari to sign into the community, it works.

So the error message is a bug?

And you are signed in to your Agenda Account in Agenda, correct? That sign in is the one that the community should use.

I guess this could be a problem with an older OS. I guess you can’t update that anymore on your MacBook, right?

No on sign into the Agenda account from the app on my Mac. The bug won’t let me do that!
No sure, why the age of the OSX is an issue here, unless when Agenda updates to new releases it deletes access to older versions. Might consider the Agenda code rather than guessing about OSX version updates.

Sarcasm intended here Drew, found your response unusually weak.

Perhaps you can advise how I login from here using the web on my Mac Agenda - Notes meets Calendar

This Agenda Community ishow I get there on my Mac.


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The OS can definitely have an effect. The community software we use is an online service run by another company, and we suspect somehow the embedded browser on older OSes is not recognized or supported. That is the most likely reason for this.

We will see if we can find the issue.

Thanks! I appreciate the effort to solve the problem.

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Bruce Winter