Can't find how to annotate image

I have the latest version of Agenda on my iphone, but when I click on an image there is no “Annotate” option. I have the premium version with 8 months left.

A few things to check:

  1. Are you running iOS or iPadOS 13.1?

  2. Is the attachment indeed an image or is it perhaps a PDF? The latter won’t work yet, something we hope to allow in a future update.

  3. Does it help if you force quit Agenda and start it again?

  4. If not, does it help if you reboot your iPhone or iPad?

Same here.

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Things to check:

  1. Is it an image, or is it a PDF? You can’t annotate PDFs
  2. If you long tap to show the popup menu, you sometimes need to scroll to see Annotate
  3. You have to be on iOS 13.1 or later

Thanks Drew.

Seems like my query about using the Apple Pencil to annotate (only in image file) and in a new note had been answered (also in several other threads re: APencil.

However, still on your Q1 - I noticed that the image I was trying to turn into full size but couldn’t - because the image file does not have the “full sized” option - turns out to be a eps format.

Is that the problem, that no graphic format other than jpg is supported?

  1. Got where Annotate is, and it seems my APencil is playing nice with that feature now. Thanks.

  2. I have updated all my devices to the latest. So: iOS is 13.1.2, iPad Pro is on 13.1.2, MacOS is Mojave 10.14.6.

Request: I can see that we can undo say annotation. But if I inadvertently deleted a note and want it back, can I? There’s where a trash can is useful.

I think that’s it for now. If I run into other issues, I’ll request help.

Thanks very much for all yours and your team’s hard work - it’s paying off and we (esp Premium users) can’t wait to see you roll out more new features!

We are working on Trash. Stay tuned for that.

EPS is a strange fish. We support what the system supports out of the box, which is mostly pixel formats like JPEG and PNG. EPS is actually a postscript file, like PDF. It would need special treatment, and we haven’t got to that. It isn’t used that much now.

You should be able to undo a note deletion, by the way. Just use the system undo gesture (shake on iOS 12, and three finger back swipe on iOS 13(?)), or undo on the keyboard bar.