Can't delete tags of notes that no longer exist

Despite having no tags in my Agenda notebooks, I still have left over tags in the tags manager. And because they don’t exist in any notebook, there’s no way for me to get rid of them. I’m hoping that you’ll have some solution for this because it’s over a dozen of them and it’s very much cluttered my experience of using tags. These are tags that I assigned long ago before there was a tag manager. And the notes no longer exist.

Did you verify you emptied the trash? If so, we do plan to add a delete tag option in the tag manager in a future update.


I did not empty the trash. But I did go into the trash and delete all of the tags. And then restarted.

But does it make a difference if you empty the trash or do certain tags remain?

I was hesitant to delete them until I went through everything in the trash. So I restored them all and got rid of their tags and that did the trick. Apparently, deleting the tags while they are in the trash has no impact on whether they show up in the tag manager.

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