Can't creat reminder from draft app

I’m trying to create a reminder from draft app and using send to Agenda action
I use
\remind(today) and is not correctly parsed by agenda

Opened Callback URL: agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=Inbox&title=Test%20Agenda&text=%0A@pat%0A%0A%23test%0A%0A%5Cremind(tomorrow)%0A%5Cremind(today)%0A%0A%23due(today)%0A%0A%5Cdate%20&on-the-agenda=true

There is a way to send the correct information to Agenda?
Thanks for your help

Hmm, I tried (in Safari) and do see the reminders appear but they were not scheduled, is this what you are seeing as well? I’ll have a look to see if they can be properly scheduled.

Yes it is exactly the issue I have
Thanks for looking for

Ok, thanks for confirming, we’ll do our best to improve this.