Can't Access the Community on my Mac from the App

What I did:
Opened the Agenda App on my Mac

What happened:
Browser not supported ??? Not using a browser, using the App.

What I expected:
Open the dialogue to the community and access it, like I’m doing now on the web.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Catalina. MacBook Pro 2013

The community is a web site, so we embed a browser in Agenda for that. It should be very similar to what you see in Safari. How does it look in Safari itself?

Did it work for you in the past in Agenda?

Whatever the embedded browser is I am blocked as indicated In the screen shot I sent .
I can’t use the Agenda app in my Mac to access the community, via the icon top right.
I can access Agenda in my Mac using Safari.

Best Regards,
Bruce Winter

Hmm, very odd. All I can suggest is quitting Agenda, and dragging it to the trash and emptying trash. Then install again from Mac App Store.

Note that on the Mac, your data is not in the app itself, so you won’t lose that. (On iOS you would.)

Kind regards,

Radical, I agree, drastic measures required :thinking::grinning::smirk:

Best Regards,
Bruce Winter

Let me know if it helps.