Cannot unpin a note

What I did: I have a pinned note. I dragged it down to demote it and unpin it.

What happened: it’s asking me if I want to remove the date. I chose yes. Again, it’s pinned to the top without a date.

What I expected: I expected the note to unpin. It’s glued to the top still. When I sorted order by the least - most… it’s still there whatever I do.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):, iOS iPad. Latest version.

Odd, did it loose the pinned note background? Could you send us a screenshot?

Based on what I did, I.e. tried to unpin it by dragging… it didn’t work.

I figured that to unpin it, you needed to click on the dot in the top left.

It’s sorted anyway, thanks for the reply.