Cannot slide to select daterange on Mac

I’m pretty sure I’ve been able in the past to select a date range in the date picker on Mac by clicking on the first date of the date range, moving the mouse cursor to the final date of the date range, and letting go of the mouse button.

Now (Agenda 15.0 236) when I click on a date and keep the mouse button down while moving the cursor around, the first day remains selected. To select a date range I have to click the start date, then shift-click the end date.

Am I misremembering that it was possible to slide to select dates?

I don’t think that worked before to be honest, will check.

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Point taken, you obviously should know best :sweat_smile:

Then please consider this a feature request :blush:

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I believe that is iOS. I guess we didn’t do that on Mac, because Mac has other conventions for that (ie shift click or cmd click).

well in iCal you can click and drag to create a multi-day event… but I agree it’s not an urgent or essential matter.