Cannot reach first and last sidebar items on iPhone

On my iPhone, the first and last items of the left sidebar are always out of reach when scrolling. It’s not important for the first item (“Overviews” label), but it means the last project cannot be accessed.

What model phone are you on?

iPhone XS iOS 15.5

Thanks, we’ll t take a look.

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I’m looking into this bug, if you force quit the app and relaunch it, is it still out of reach? And do you know what kind of actions make it turn back to being out of reach if any?

Damn you’re right, if I relaunch the app the problem is fixed.
I can’t find an easy way to reach the same situation again.
I’ll keep an eye out to try to identify the steps that recreate the problem.

OK, let me know. I did manage to get it also in my testing once but haven’t yet been able to reproduce consistently.

Ok, I found the cause and believe it should be fixed in the next update. It is triggered by bringing up the agenda community window from within Agenda. The workaround is to force quit and restart the app until then.