Cannot anymore browse notes when sharing files from other apps

What I did: I tried to share a pdf file from Preview (Mac) to Agenda
What happened: After the upgrade to Agenda 14, I can only select the project but not the notes and the position in the notes where I want the pdf to be inserted. The only available option is to create a new note
What I expected: Prior to the upgrade I was able to browse the project and to select the appropriate note and to choose the insertion position directly from the sharing menu
Mac used: MBPro, late 2013, OS 10.14.6
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Any chance you can make a screenrecording of what you describe?

Attachment available until 12 May 2022

Thanks for the feedback, please find attached the screen recording.As you can see none of the single notes inside each project is clickable, the only available option is to create a new note.
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Screen recording.MOV
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Thanks, I think where to look now. We’ll investigate.

Update: this issue should be fixed in Agenda 14.0.4