Canceled Todo Item

Hi guys,
I’m becoming addicted to use Agenda for everyday todo and notes.
Regarding todo management Agenda lacks the possibility to mark a todo item as Not-done/won’t done (available in Things3)
A canceled item can be marked with an X instead of a V and eventually its text can be strike through.
Wish you full the gap with the competition :grinning:

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Note that you can use strikethrough format, so maybe that is an approach for you.

You can also attach tags, so you could have #cancelled

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I usually strike through text of canceled items.

  • it would be definitely nicer with an X symbol
  • and easier if the strike through is automatic :grin:
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I just came here looking for this too. I fully agree with @alessandrodn.

I believe changes in this direction are coming very soon…


Indeed, version 11 will allow you to choose exactly this option.

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Actually, reading the Beta 11 release note, I think there was a misunderstanding here.

I was referring to canceled items, which items I choose not to do.
My reference model is the way Things work, where a checklist item can be:

  • to do
  • done
  • won’t do

Ah, you can simply apply the strikethrough format to those (shift-cmd-x), we have no plans to make that an explicit checklist state.

I agree with @alessandrodn and @harrison.heck.
Since Agenda is the APP for timeline based note taking:

While other apps focus specifically on the past, present, or future, Agenda is the only note taking app that tracks them all at once, giving you the complete picture. (

I think decisions like cancelling a task or a note at all belongs to the past. So it should be tracked by Agenda.

  • a cancelling symbol for checklists
  • a cancelling symbol for Notes

Well I have a workaround too, to handle cancelled items or notes. So it is definitly not a feature that is badly needed. But I think it is in the sense of Agenda, to have such a feature.

We have thought about it but in this case feel that the tools are there and don’t need a dedicated feature (to not bloat the app), for example to cancel a checklist you can just mark the next of the item in Strikethrough format (cmd-shift-x), and to cancel a note you could just add a tag #cancelled at the beginning of the note to make it standout, or add a “- Cancelled” suffix to the title and collapse it.

Certainly you are right: You have the deeper look. And there are several workarounds to solve this “problem” yet (as you mentioned).
I am thankful, that you chose to not bloat the app: this would be worse than to give up such a feature.

Just as a remark. I love your App, just rated it with five stars in the app-store and extend subscription for another year.

That’s super kind of you, thank you!! :pray: