Cancel editing menu

Just one small detail on iOS: When I click on the three small dots … to edit a project, the corresponding menu pops up. If I decide against editing something in there, I can only close the menu by clicking “Cancel”.
It would be nice if I could just type outside of this menu to cancel as well. The same applies to other menus, for example to edit date or note in the right sidebar.

I tried it and here it is possible to touch the area around the menu to close it, similar to use the Cancle/Abbrechen button.
iOS, Beta 11.

That’s nice to read. Thanks for checking this out with the latest beta!

I just tried out v11 beta Unfortunately it didn‘t work on my iPhone, iOS 13.6. Same as with Agenda v10: I can‘t leave those menu other than clicking on „cancel“.
@csterneck, what‘s different between our both iPhone 8+?