Can you search the text in the note for linking notes using [[

Hello the Agenda Team,

It is great to discover this app and it has become my recently picked tool for my daily productivity routine and PKM, after swtiching Bear, Obsidian, Apple Notes, Onenote.

I have a particular question here.
When I am linking notes using [[, it will only search the text of the note title. If I type some text from some notes I have created, it will not show up. I do not know if it is current design like this or there are some tricks I do not know.

Please help me out, thank you so much!


Indeed, currently it will only search the titles of the notes, but it’s a good suggestion that we’ll think about

I too have a search issue which I have been hesitant to address due to it probably being a request for a narrow group of users. I have been exploring ways to find all Agenda links. (the actual link) There must be a way with the x-callback linking scheme that the code identifies links in order to implement the “related items” feature. If not, would you consider adding a method to do so while working on the improved search project? Also to include unicode characters🤔

BTW, if the full url of an Agenda link is shown in a note, it is found along with every other instance in a search all by typing agenda?

Yes, all agenda links start with agenda:// so technically it’s not very challenging, we’ll take it on board.