Can you hyper link a mini-note?

I’m contemplating purchasing the premium version, but it was unclear to me if this feature was included in there - is it possible to highlight a word and attach a sort of “mini-note” to it? I’m using agenda for my programming studies and it’s kind of annoying and a cluttering when I have to add all these indentations in this note for examples, so I think it would be awesome if I could just type “example” and click on it to see one, and I’m not entirely sure if this feature is offered.

I guess you are wanting some sort of “comment” type, which connects something like a sticky in the note, correct?

We don’t have anything like that for now. I often add a tag (eg #sticky), and then some text after that, at the end of a line as a type of comment.

Thank you for suggesting it. We will keep it in mind going forward.

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