Can you do a search and replace?

How can you do a search and replace? Meaning:

Find all notes in Agenda with the name “blah” in it, and change “blah” to “@blah” and have Agenda actually recognize “@blah” as a person tag?

Sorry, no, not yet. We are planning a major search overhaul. Can’t promise anything, but will take your feedback along. Thanks!

With Shortcuts, this can be accomplished!

Please test this before using, but here is a search and replace Shortcut for Agenda:

This Shortcut is run by sharing a note (Markdown) to it. It will ask for a term to search for, a term to replace that with, then takes the text of that note in its entirety and replaces accordingly (case sensitive), replacing the original note with updated text.

Be cautious, because this will replace the matched term absolutely, so if you replaced “tow” with “truck”, the word “toward” becomes “truckard”. You get the idea.

Anyway, hope this is useful!


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