Can you change what notes are in the “Agenda” section by default?

I’m wondering if I can change the “rules” by which notes are in the top “Agenda” section. Thank you! Just purchased premium, and have already recommended this to other friends and colleagues. Thanks!!!

In preferences you can enable/disable “Mark New Notes as On the Agenda”
That is the only choice I know of.

One last question on that, what does “new note” mean, iow how long until they don’t appear by default? Thanks!!

It means the moment you create a new note via the plus button or from a calendar event. This is what that preference controls. However you can always take a note off the Agenda or put one on by clicking the orange dot in front of the note title.

Ah, so it will stay on Agenda then until I manually take it out? Thanks again.

Yes, if you don’t have the preference unchecked, by default new notes are put on the agenda and they will only be taken out if you manually unmark as on the agenda.

Well… new means when creating a new note it gets automatically marked as on the agenda. There is no timespan you have to wait etc. until a note appears on the agenda. If marked it is listed there; if not…

You can only mark it manually by clicking on the circle in front of the title.