Can we make backlinks appear on the note?

Maybe this is already in your roadmap, but would it be possible to make links between documents (backlinks) appear somewhere on the note. I appreciate that they come up in the Related Notes area, but I don’t always have that panel open (especially if I’ve popped a window out by itself to edit while i’m working on something, or taking notes during a zoom call) and it’s just “extra work” (!) to get to it. But to be honest, as a relatively new user of Agenda (coming back to it fresh after a long hiatus) I just forget that the Related Notes area is there. Even if the side panel is open!

Thank you,

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take it on board and will think whether we can improve this aspect.

I would be curious to understand this as well. I am a new user and really wishing for backlinks with some form of transclusion rather than just related notes.