Can’t toggle off bold writing in templates

Hello. I created a template with numbered list in bold. Under each number are dashed list. I want the dashed list to be normal writing but it continues to remain bold. Even after I deactivated the bold writing in the dashed list. It reactivates itself. Only on the last number, the dash list remains in normal writing after deactivating the bold writing

Agenda version 18.3.2 (295), OS Sonoma 14.4.1 and model MacBook Air M2 2022

I think the problem is likely that it is getting the bold style from the previous character, which is standard editing behavior for inline styles like bold.

I just did a few experiments. First, it is worth noting you didn’t make a real list. The lists in Agenda have a . after the number.

That aside, I was able to add dashed lists pretty easily. I hit return, used the standard keyboard shortcut to make a dashed list, and then I typed CMD-B to turn off the bold that was inherited from the previous paragraph. Then I could type normally in non-bold.

There are other ways you might do what you want:

  • You could use headings for the bold bits instead
  • You could use a real numbered list, and make the text bold

Hope that helps!
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My bad. Just realised that is not a real numbered list.

this is how I do it

I use heading instead of bold but when I deactivate the bold somehow it reactivates itself after :man_shrugging:t2:

What disturbs me is the the bold text in the dashed list even if the text above the dashed list is a heading, because somehow the bold it activates itself.

I‘ve redone the template and when I use the heading 1 the bold it gets automatically activated. When I deactivate the bold from the heading it reactivates itself when I come back to the the same heading.

This goes the same for the dashed list. When I start a dashed list it starts with bold. I deactivate it, then go to create a dashed list under the beast headline and when I come back to the previous dashed list the bold is activated automatically.


Right, some styles, like Heading 1, always have bold style.

If you just want bold applied to standard body text, just select the text, and use the Format > Bold option to apply the inline bold style to just that text (not the whole line per se).

If you are not sure if you are using a heading style, just set the style to “Body” to make sure.

The problems could relate to templates. I didn’t pick up that you were creating this with templates.

I guess a way to workaround any issue would be to put a space or something on the dashed lines, and make sure they are unbold. That should force it to remain unbold.


This solved it.

Thank You!

Glad that at least works around the problem!