Can’t see note titles on iOS app

What I did: opened Agenda app

What happened: can only see date, not title of note

What I expected: to see the title and the date

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda 2.1.1
OS and model - iOS 11.4 on iPhone 7

I’ve attached screenshots.

I really do like the app on my Mac, but it is virtually unusable on the phone. I can’t see any note titles when I have the font size set to the size I want. I can see some truncated titles when I set it to the smallest available.

What I don’t understand is the insistence on keeping the title and date on the same line. It works great on the desktop, but isn’t legible in the portrait orientation of the phone.

At least make it an option to go to two lines or to not display the date at all, please. It’s a pretty severe accessibility problem. If you need the larger font size to be able to read, you are currently out of luck.


Yes, it’s no “insistence”, just a lack of time at this point. We are planning to improve the layout, probably going to two lines.

Thanks for the feedback!

+1. This is a no brainer. It’s so annoying titles are still not visible on iPhones. Please shorten the date/hour or put on 2 lines.

Couldn’t agree more with this thought. It’s simply useless to open this app on my iPhone at the moment because all I see is a list of dates, and no user created titles. Seems like a large oversight to be prioritizing the date and not the title?

Not a programmer, but was very surprised when this detail wasn’t included in the most recent release.

The problem is simply that there are 10-20 of these types of issues, and each person can’t understand why we haven’t fixed the particular one that most affects them. Eg. I don’t use dates that much in notes, so I don’t see this issue much. But for people who use them a lot, it is more serious.

You will be happy to know we are fully aware of the issue, and it is high priority. We will be addressing it soon I think.

Totally. Hear that. Any progress? I know there are folks who use the dates out there, but do time frames really need 3 digits? To have 6 digit date, and a 6 digit time frame seems like overkill? Couldn’t the time at least be hidden? Its only a simple swipe to open the calendar and get that info… without the user title I can imagine a lot of people running into the same issue as me… a bunch of notes labeled “Meet…” for example. I have a hard time convincing myself that people are more likely to remember a note by its time of day, rather than it’s title. My brain for sure goes to the title first, then the date, then the time. shrug don’t think I’m an exception here?

Thanks for the great work! Trullly.

Yep, we hear you. It’s clearly an issue, and we have plans to look at it soon. Thanks!

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