Can’t pay it by the credit in iTunes

What I did:I bought the gift card for purchase all the features.

What happened: it wouldn’t work. Always jump to credit card payment.

What I expected: hope I can use my credit in iTunes to get all the features

Strange, there shouldn’t be a reason I can think of that this shouldn’t work. Have you followed these instructions? and see also

Yes I did the redeem part already I got the credit. It just when I purchase this it always shows Apple Pay instead of credit pay.

Very strange. I’m afraid this is a bug in iTunes/AppStore and not something we can control :frowning: Perhaps best to contact Apple support about it, I’m sorry we can’t do anything from our end about it, I know it’s frustrating, also for us :frowning:

Thanks. I am calling Apple support now.

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OK, let us know how it goes and if you need anything from our end.
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Yes. It’s because your app doing subscriptions for all the features so they have to be paid by credit card. If just purchasing app it is allowed to use credit balance from gift card. Too bad.

Sounds like a limitation of the system indeed because technically Agenda isn’t a subscription (it doesn’t automatically renew). Thank you so much for investigating and for supporting our work, enjoy Agenda!


Solve the problem. I decided to buy it no matter what. And it was deducted from the credit balance. Even it looks like was going to pay by credit card. Sounds strange but I glad I got it done.

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Ah good to know, and thanks again for your support!