Can I view a list of reminders? And all notes with reminders on a given date or range?

I am a big fan of date- and event-assigned notes, and being able to filter based on a range of dates and see any notes assigned within that date range.

Now I’m starting to experiment with reminders in Agenda. I’ve got two questions:

1) Can I view a list of all reminders, particularly overdue ones? If a reminder goes overdue a few days ago, then it essentially disappears from the Agenda view. I have to go scrolling through the last few days to look for them. Also I have a ton of calendar events, and would like to see the reminders as distinct from events. Is there a way to see them in Agenda? Or is the answer to switch to the Reminders app to figure that stuff out?

2) Can I see a list of notes with that have reminders within a date range? That would be awesome for me… that if I have a note that’s assigned to today, or not assigned at all, and within it I have a reminder set to tomorrow – when I filter notes based on tomorrow, that note should show up. So essentially the date range filter shows me any notes that are explicitly assigned within that range, or have reminders within that range. Is that possible?

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  1. Can I view a list of all reminders, particularly overdue ones? […] Or is the answer to switch to the Reminders app to figure that stuff out?

Exactly, we feel the Reminders app is the right place for this and does a better job at giving you such overviews (just like the Calendar app is better at giving a month-overview of your calendar events)

  1. Can I see a list of notes with that have reminders within a date range?

Not yet, we have some ideas to provide such overviews in the future, but right now this isn’t possible.

Hrm, would you consider displaying overdue reminders as occurring today? That’s how Fantastical does it, and I really like it.


I dunno maybe I’m just not sold on the Reminders app yet. But, being able to manage reminders within Agenda and see them in context of everything else I have going on is really nice. Overdue reminders are particularly important, so it would be great if Agenda provided a different way to treat them beyond letting them drift into the past.

Overdue reminders are shown in red, but we only show those with a date.

True, but they’re shown on the date that they’re assigned to (which obviously makes sense for today and upcoming reminders). You’ll notice in the Fantastical screenshot above that the reminder is scheduled for 9am on 11/27, but Today is 11/30. In Agenda, that reminder would show up on 11/27 – meaning it would be in the past in the calendar, and the only way to find it in Agenda is to scroll through the past and look for red reminders.

I think Fantastical’s solution to this is particularly clever. Any overdue reminders get shown on Today’s date.

We have indeed considered making them sticky but were afraid that for people who were not particularly keen on checking them off it would quickly lead to a cluttered calendar that is pretty unworkable. Also, given that we have a scrolling calendar, would you then show them on each day it was due (so not only on nov 30, but also nov 29, nov 28, and nov 27 in the example you give? Plus every day in the future? That would make the whole thing even more cluttered.

ah okay. I’m not familiar with that use case.

The trade off, of course, is that for people who do check off reminders (I assume most people, but I could be wrong), now if I forget to do / don’t get to a reminder on a certain day, it drifts into the past and I don’t see it in Agenda.

This is a personal workflow thing of course, but for me, overdue reminders are important. When things happen and my day(s) go haywire, it’s possible for a reminder to go uncompleted. And the current behavior in Agenda essentially means, “tough luck, hopefully you scan the past calendar for overdue reminders, or open the reminders app.”

You would show it on the day it’s due, or today, whichever is later.

Referring again to the Fantastical screenshot I showed, the reminder is due on 11/27. But because it is now 11/30, the reminder shows up only on 11/30, but with a note that it was due on 11/27. On 11/26 and 11/27, the reminder was on the calendar at 11/27. On 11/28 and beyond, the reminder shows up on the current day.

edit: I think Fantastical’s implementation is slick, but even without something like that, a single collection of overdue reminders is important. Here’s overdue tasks in OmniFocus forecast view:


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll think about it again how this could potentially fit.

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Yes, if I understand Pat correctly, this is how I would like it also. If the reminder(s) was in the past AND only show(s) up in Today, then I would be responsible for culling the clutter. Getting into the development weeds here, but if that could be a user preference option (either/or), that could work.

This is indeed the direction we’re thinking of

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I vote this too. It would practically allow to manage the whole reminder workflow within Agenda, without leveraging Apple Reminders. This would “fix” what I still see as the biggest issue: links created in Reminders from an Agenda Note, not taking you back to the Agenda note When clicked (tapped). I know it’s Apple fault, still…