Can I see reminder that not have a due date?

What I did:

What happened: I Can’t see reminders without due date (for exemple stored with Siri)

What I expected: A way to see all reminders

Can you help me?

Nope. It is a popular request though.

Indeed, not possible yet. Comes up quite a bit. There are some issues with doing it, but we are considering it. Thanks!

Ok. with this and with the possibility of attaching emails, Agenda becomes perfect

Note that you can link to emails. What were you looking for in this regard? Copying the content of the email into Agenda?

I use the gmail app to manage my mail. it would be great to be able to link an email to a note or create a note from the email on the fly. Do you have a suggestion ?

Thanks to this community I started using BysyCal. In it I can see a list of all reminders sorted in different ways. Very useful.

If I want to link a note to an undated reminder I set the reminder temporarily to today, link it to the note, and remove the date again. Now it is still linked to the note showing as a grey icon.

Of course it is also possible to do this directly in the Reminders app, but quite often I find it easier to use BysyCal.

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I would think that if you drag a gmail email into Agenda, you should get a link, but I’m not certain. What do you see if you try that? What device is it (ie Mac, iPad)?