Can I join the iOS Beta?

Hi, I’d like to join both iOS and Mac betas

Hi, I am using Agenda sins a while to orgasnize my self. I already use the Beta on MAC OS and would therfore like to join the iOS Beta as well

I would like to take part in the beta test for IOS-

Would you mind adding me to IOS Beta? I am trying to update agenda to version 12 test flight. Thanks

Would be great if you can add me to the beta. I use the beta on Desktop and often get problems in syncing.

Hello I would like access to the iOS beta as well. Running the mac beta and didn’t think of possibly issues with syncing.

Running the latest beta versions. Thank you!

Can’t believe I’ve never requested access to the beta program. Can I please receive an invite? Thanks!


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I would love to receive the Test Flight builds.

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Hi Dear developer, I am currently using a one-year subscription. I saw the news about the beta version. You need to synchronize your mac and ios before you can use the beta version. I am going to use the mac-beta. Can I apply for the ios test?I will share my use regularly,look forward to your reply.
iPhone 12 pro max ios 14.4
MacBookpro 2020 10.15

I left the iOS Beta via TestFlight by accident, how can I join again?

You’re still on the list so all that would be needed is to go to the TestFlight app and download the beta again (currently the beta is the same as the production app btw)

I would like to test aswell

Can I be added to the TestFlight

Hi, I would like to be added to TestFlight,
thank you!

Can I join the Testflight group? Thnx!

Hi, I’d like to join both iOS and Mac betas.Thanks!


I’d like to participate to the beta Ios program.
Thanks .

I would be glad to TestFlight. I use Agenda throughout my day, constantly.

I would love to be a tester for Agenda. Use it every day