Can I join the Agenda Beta program?

I’d love to be a part of the beta for both Mac and iOS.

Dear Agenda team, as i am already an ios beta tester i would be happy to get access as well to the mac os beta program, thanks in advance

I’d like to beta test on the iOS app… Thanks…

Mac I join the mac beta test?

May I join the beta for Mac test please.
I’m already using the iPhone and iPad beta, well, I just updated to the ver 19 of Agenda prior I stayed on the appstore version subscription for a while then updated as soon as the new beta came out.
many thanks.

EDIT: Many thanks for sending me the Mac TestFlight. Appreciate that. i’ll update to it when i get home.

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Hi, I’d like to join the Mac Beta for Agenda since I’m already in iOS/iPadOS. Thanks!

Please add me to the MacOS beta.

Please add me to the macOS Agenda 19 beta program

Pls add me to iOS and iPadOS beta.

Hi, I’d like to join the Mac Beta for Agenda since I’m already in iOS/iPadOS. Thanks!

Really enjoying Agenda - would be eager to beta test any new MacOS or iOS/IpadOS versions of the program

Beta/Testflight access please

Hi Yes
v19 sounds as though it adds some features I need badly

please add me to macOS & iOS beta program

Please add me to Mac, iOS and iPadOS betas. Many thanks.

Hi everyone, please add me to Beta iOS iPhone and iPad :sunglasses:


I am interested in becoming a beta tester for Mac OS version of Agenda app — thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi there, please add me to the beta list on iOS and MacOS.

Hi together, please Add me to the MacOS beta. Thanks.

iPadOS, iOS, macOS
Former iPadOS tester, went through a rough patch where I did not use the app (lost my job), and was removed from testing. Back on the horse now and would appreciate an invite if possible. Thank you.

I’ve added you back, glad to hear you’re back up and running!