Can I get a widget?

I hope this wasn’t already brought up, but it would be very helpful if there were a “Today” or “Agenda” widget I could reference.

That’s all,
Keep up the good work!


+1 from me

I would enjoy widget too


What would you like to be in the widget? Just trying to get a feel for what people expect for that.

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Well it would be nice to be able to maybe set it to the agenda or the today tabs. With maybe the new note :memo: options at the bottom. Just a quick overview really.

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An alternative:
If the note is attached to an existing calendar event, the calender event can be seen in the calendar widget.
If a new calendar event is created in Agenda, it also shows up in the calendar widget.

So you might see the titles of the notes for today, or on the agenda. Is that what you mean?

Yes, just titles for either “Today” or “on the agenda” and maybe a create note button or something.

My suggestion: Two panes (similar to how “2Do” does it in their widget): On the Agenda and Today.

Both simply show a list of notes, collapsed, so they are uniformly spaced no matter the note size. There could also be a “New note” button at the bottom of the widget, again see 2Do widget for inspiration.


I’ll just reiterate and say that a today/agenda widget would be ideal!

Love the thought about both those lists being able to be viewed from the today screen.

I’ll also +1 the thought of quick link to creating a new note.

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I know this was less important before. But with iPad homescreen showing the widgets at all times on the home screen, it would be really awesome if I was able to have a widget that would have a list of On the Agenda items.

How would you see that working? Would it just be a list of titles, so you could tap one and jump straight into Agenda? Or would it be full text of On-the-Agenda notes?

Something slightly similar to this one :slight_smile: yes, I mean only to show the titles. And to open the app and show the full note on click. Maybe even just the first 5 or 7 notes.

With the iPad showing this widget at all times, this will make it so much easier for me to always know my on going work, and act on it (without remembering to even open Agenda).


I would use a macOS widget too.


I see. Thanks for the feedback!

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Can I have his widget too! :smiley: iOS13 is going to be a game changer in SO many ways (and for so many apps). You guys brought your app to market at just the right time. I’m especially thinking of Reminders!

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Since iPadOS arrived and it will be available this fall, I have an idea about widget. On Home Screen can be placed widgets on left side. It would be nice to iPad users (especially owners of 12.9-inch model) to have some controls right on the widget.

Widgets can be “tabbed” or how to call it (I attached a screenshot of how I mean it - there are categories like RAM or Disk). I can imagine Agenda widget with few tabs, like tab with shortcuts (create new note, view last edited note, etc.), tab with last modified notes, tab with last created notes or even tab with upcoming calendar events stored in Agenda app.

Yes, I guess we could have a quick “jump to note” type widget. It may include notes from On-the-Agenda, but also stuff from the right inspector, like “Recently Edited”, and perhaps even “Today”.


You’re going to need a bigger Note for requests when iPad OS releases! :shark:

By creating widget for macOS and iPadOS versions of Agenda and setting it as premium feature, I think more users would be attracted to get paid version :slight_smile:

Yesterday I updated my Ipad Pro to the IpadOS 13 beta and after playing around with it for a day, I was thinking an Agenda widget would be great to have on the homescreen. I was thinking of a today type of widget and the picture here is something I was thinking of being nice to have. Or something similar to it.