Can I Get a Discount when Upgrade to Lifetime Premium?

I am a loyal user of your product and I greatly appreciate it. I have subscribed to the Premium service and plan to continue using it. However, I recently noticed that you offer a Lifetime Premium package, which I think is a great option as it allows for a one-time payment for a lifetime of premium service without having to pay a yearly subscription fee.

Therefore, I would like to inquire whether I am eligible to upgrade to Lifetime Premium before my current Premium subscription ends or whether I can receive any special offers or discounts. If so, this would be very appealing to me.

Thanks for your hard work on Agenda 17.


Thank you so much for your ongoing support @flynnoct! At the moment we don’t offer discounts to the lifetime premium I’m afraid.

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Thanks for your answer and sorry for my mis-tagging this post :smiling_face_with_tear:

No problem, and just to clarify, we’re not excluding offering some kind of discount or mechanism to go from regular subscription to lifetime premium in the future, but currently it’s technically not even possible alas :pensive: