Can I encrypt apps or notes?

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This App is very good to use, I have already paid for it, but I found that after opening the App or writing notes, I cannot encrypt the App or notes, which makes me feel very insecure!
I hope that the next version can support FaceID, TouchID, password lock App or notes.

Thank you for the feedback. Adding password locking of notes is something we would like to do. Full encryption would be more work. We will have to see how we go with that.

For now, your notes should be safe whenever your device is locked. Using a lock on your device should work well for all apps.

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I would certainly feel more comfortable if Agenda supported end-to-end encryption, because my understanding is that data on iCloud and Dropbox servers is not encrypted. I know DEVONthink encrypts sync data (and I know it’s not easy!), so I store more sensitive data there. Personally I’m less concerned with password-protecting Agenda itself or individual notes, and much more interested in encrypting the data so that only my devices with the key are able to read the data.