Can I create a note that appears across multiple or all projects?

My use case would involve creating a number of closely related projects within a category. I’d like to create a “master note” that could serve as a quick reference common to each project. The ability to keep that note pinned to the top would be a plus.

I don’t see any way to do this. Or perhaps there’s a workaround to create a master note which is always easily accessible regardless of where you are in Agenda. Thanks!

I’d also like the ability for a note to be in more than one folder. My use case is different though: often I have notes that logically could live in more than one folder and it can be time consuming looking in the ‘wrong‘ folder.

I realise I could search or use tags, but it’s not just about ‘finding’, I want to look in a folder and get an overview of what’s going on.

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You can certainly pin notes to the top, at least when you have the premium features. Just long click/tap on the yellow dot (on-the-agenda button).

There is no automatic updating of notes, like a master note, but you can use agenda links to reference other notes. On iOS, you would go to the note you want to link, tap cog button, choose to Copy Agenda Link, and paste that in the master note.

On macOS, you can use the Cog menu with Link to… to insert a link directly to another note in your master note.