Can Agenda pull notes info from Apple Reminders?

Is there a way for Agenda to see notes made within a specific reminder from Reminders app?
Id love to be able to pull the notes directly in Agenda for editing, adding.


Yes, this can be achieved via Shortcuts. You can create a new note using the Reminder title as the note title, and the Reminder’s notes will become the body of the new note.

Here is an example: Shortcuts

This is a one-way action, so what you add to a note in Agenda wouldn’t get added back into the original Reminder. That could probably be achieved via another shortcut.

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This is perfect, thank you so much!
This is basically all I needed it to do. With that said, I do hope Agenda can add the feature by default at some point, with a 2-way sync (very useful when needing to work mainly from PC at office, but can still create reminders and notes from PC which can easily transfer to Agenda on iPad).

Thanks again!

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Happy to help! I hadn’t thought to try anything like that before, so it was a fun little exercise for me.


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