Camera: How to get camera landscape mode

I frequently attend meetings where highly technical architectural drawings are presented. I want to be able to take a picture of the slide using Agenda on my iPad and then hand write notes on the picture of the slide I took.

What happened: The app doesn’t seem to allow me to take a picture in landscape mode; it only works in portrait mode. I then either have to sit there and try to crop it, or I have a floor to ceiling picture.

What I expected: I expected to be able to rotate my ipad to take a picture landscape mode, take the pic, then annotate over the picture.

I even went to my settings to lock the camera from rotating, however it still rotates to portrait mode.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

If I am missing something, please let me know.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look.