Callouts in Agenda

I have often used the callouts in Obsidian. I find notes created in this way very stylish. Is this also possible in Agenda?

What exactly is a callout? Is it like a hidden piece of text that appears when you click it? Ie like a note or comment that is hidden by default?

If it is, we are discussing this. Others have asked for the ability to add a comment to a note. We will see what we can do.

Callouts are a feature in Obsidian that allows you to add more organization to your notes.
Callouts give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to organizing your notes.
Anywhere that you use a blockquote, you can use a Callout instead. But Callouts are not a standard feature in Markdown.

Click here for more information:
Using Callouts in Obsidian

Sounds a lot like a note link to me. I guess the content can also be inlined in the current note, right?

We have a lot of ideas about making sections collapsible. The callout approach probably doesn’t fit in our app. Other apps are using it as a structural element, but we have other tools for that, and have more coming.

It is a special text box. They can contain text, links and also images. The content should only be highlighted visually. But ok, I’m also happy with sharing Agenda too Obsidian.

Agenda Code:

Share as markdown → Obsidian:

Ah, OK. So it is more a styling thing. Like the way we have block quotes appear different.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take it along.

I can see this working well with collapsing headings - with the styled line still being visible when the lines below are collapsed. This would give a nice visual indication of what’s in the collapsed section.

I have tried to create something similar in Agenda, but I would describe the result as visually poor. With a long note with a lot of text and the possibility to collapse the heading, this note could be much clearer. Thank you