Calendly Interface

I have no problem linking Agenda to a calendar item I create internally, but when my calendar entry is from the acceptance of an outside invitation via my Calendly app; the notes do not link. Any thoughts here?

When you say “do not link”, what does this mean exactly, that the event doesn’t appear in the list of events in Agenda or that it gives an error when trying to link, or that the Agenda url doesn’t appear in the event? If the latter, this is on purpose, Agenda doesn’t insert links into events with invitees as those invitees would receive notifications that the event has been edited and see the link as well, while they wouldn’t be able to open the Agenda link.

What I’m saying is that when I accept an invite from an outside party via an app such as Calendly, I can not then, link an “Agenda” to that event. It does not show up as linked.

However, if I have manually created an appointment on my calendar, I can link it and it does show up.

It’s still ambiguous to me, when you say “I can not then, link an “Agenda” to that event. It does not show up as linked.” are you saying:

  1. the event after accepting the invite does simply not appear at all within Agenda


  1. the event does appear but when I try to link a note to it it gives an error message of some sort


  1. it does allow me to select the note when trying to link, but somehow the note stays unlinked after that


  1. it all works in agenda, but if I look in my calendar the event doesn’t gain a url that backlinks to Agenda

Yes, to Item #3

Strange, any chance you could make a screenrecording of the various steps and send it to Also, does the (which you find inside your Applications folder under Utilities) output any Agenda related error messages?

I’ll work on it later today or first thing tomorrow, I have some web meetings with Clients I have to get to today.

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