Calender View - How to do I find a notes made on a particular day?



What I did: I thought my notes are getting automatically tagged with dates on which they are made. Then realised this wasn’t the case

What happened:

What I expected: I want to see my notes dates stanped, as I thought this was the entire point of buying the app. How do I search for all the notes wirtten on a particular date?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):


Agenda supports different forms of notes. Some can have associated dates, and some don’t. By default, a note doesn’t have a date, but you can very easily assign today as the date using Note > Assign to Today or the CMD-Shift-Enter shortcut.

We may add a preference that allows you to change this behavior, but haven’t decided yet.


Some preferences on this would be cool - ie date stamp as a default option.

Dare I also suggest the option to record and display date created and date modified?


You can backdate any note in Agenda and go to the search menu at the top left corner to search different time levels - Last Month, Day, Week and so on


oh so awesome! Sorry had panicked.