Calender possibilities

When not having a selected note, the calendar shows the current day, i can select a different options like „next 10 days“ but when I open a note, the next time no note is selected the calendar is back to just showing todays appointments. This view is not helpful for me, as I’m using Agenda to plan ahead and therefor need to see, whats on my agenda for at least the next few days. Is there a way to have these options as the default setting that’s shown when no note is selected? Or could this be made possible?

Thanks a lot for the great work you’ve done so far, really love Agenda

Note that the calendar on the right is related to your note selection. It is not a general calendar control, it follows the note that you are working on. So if you want to see the next 10 days, just select the relevant note with those dates, and the calendar will show it.

Yeah the part with notes and the related dates showing when a Note is selected I get, I talk about the times I open the App, want to write notes for a few things that came up and every time I finished one and go back to no Note selected I have to change the calender again to Next 10 days so I can check out whats coming up and create a new note thats telling me what I have to do before and for taking notes at that date.

I see what you mean, but we don’t see Agenda as a full replacement of the Calendar app, for keeping track what’s up in your schedule you probably still want to continue to use the Calendar app as it just gives a better overview in exactly that next 7-10 days range indeed. While Agenda is more aimed at being the app you live in during “today”.

There’s a couple of workarounds. Like somebody describes in this talk article you could create a note for the week and assign it the date range of the week. Each time you selected this note it would now show your next week’s calendar on the right. You could pin it as well to stay at the top and it could kind of function as a scratchpad to capture ideas you need to file later on.

Alternatively, you could create already notes for the upcoming events that you likely want to capture ideas for (e.g. next monday’s team meeting), that way you already create the places to capture notes without a need to use the calendar. For quick access to these you could:

  • mark those as On the Agenda

  • keep these first in an Upcoming project and move them later to another project

  • add an #upcoming or similar tag to the note and create a smart overview for them

  • create a smart overview that always shows the notes that have a date assigned in the next 10 days

Nice workaround. Thanks!

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