Calendar widget won't hold the scroll

What I did:

  • Clicked the date icon in the top right of a note
  • picked a date with many items
  • attempted to scroll to the bottom of the list

What happened:

  • on release of the scroll action, the scroll went back to top of the list

What I expected:

  • the list of events to stay at the location I scrolled to.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
v 1.0c2, mac osx Sierra 10.12.6

Thanks Jim (good to see you! :slight_smile:), we’ll fix that.

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I second that and also it absolutely necessary to link notes to calender events that already passed. I am just getting started but the app shows a lot of promise

This works already, you can link to any event in your calendar, also past ones.

Update: calendar updates and interaction should be much more robust in today’s 2.0 update.

Again, many thanks for reporting the issues and helping us get to their root causes, and most of all for your patience while we had to fix things!