Calendar time line - missing important detail

  • In the right panel (Related Informations).
  • Using the calendar.
  • Scrolling down to the next weeks, months.
  • Only e.g. „Sa. 18.“ appears, without mentining the month and year.
  • Can be „Sa. 18.“ of June, or „Sa. 18.“ of July, August … Not possible to see directly what month it is.
  • I see in the „title“ of the part „Calendar“ the month and year but this is „far“ from the the day/entry in the calendar itself.
  • Also possible to use the mouse (date appears by MouseOver) or touching one the date (iOS/iPadOS). But this is one step far too much. Because …
  • … there is enough space (MacOS, iOS, iPadOS) to add the month and year e.g. „Sa. 18. June 2020“ and have it visible always.

As an app working a lot with dates (here it is the calendar) it needs the full date „Sa. 18. June 2020“ and not just a „Sa. 20.“.

We have played a lot with different options but this is what we feel works best. You can add the full date but it then makes the calendar as a whole much harder to interpret as the difference between days starts to blur. We might add more settings in the preferences, but at this point we don’t plan to change the default.

Thats, in my opinion, sad because the lack of important informations is not good.
A thin line between the dates could make reading the calendar clearer.

As said, we tried many permutations, this is the one we settled on.